Music Benefits on Our Life and Health


It will be hard to find a single person who doesn’t love music. Music is considered to be an important element of your social and personal life. The type of music we listen shapes our personality and social conduct. We don’t have to learn to love music, it is an instant and spontaneous process. Music is a mood changer, it can make you both happy and sad. Such is the power of music on your body and mind. Cultures around the world has been greatly influenced by music. It has played an important role in the history of human evolution. But the important question is, have we considered how it can also affect our health? Let’s have a look at some health benefits of music

Improving our Verbal & Visual Skills

Music is known to be very effective to improve our visual and verbal skills. Several studies conducted by scientist have shown that music stimulates our brain and mind. Music during early age is also effective as child brain is more sensitive to music. Scientists have said that, music during early age helps a child to improve their visual and verbal skills. A study was conducted among a group of 6-8 years old children. The result was extraordinary. Children with music training had enhanced ability to understand words and verbal expression. Extracurricular music activities help a child to develop their mental strength.

Keeps Brain Healthy

Music helps us to keep our brain young and healthy. Our life now a days is full of stress and pressure. So every once in an often we need to relax our brain. The activity of playing or even listening to music is proved to be very effective to keep our brain healthy. Several studies have shown that, as our brain ages with time music helps it to keep it healthy. We tend to lose our mental sharpness with our age. But music slow down the process of aging brain. So the more we listen to music, the more we keep our brain healthy and young.


Keeping Happy

It is not a difficult to keep someone happy all the time. Music has this great power of keeping your mind happy all the time. Music is responsible for all kinds of mood swing. Like making you happy, sad or even excited. Music can do it all with your mind, such is the power of music. Music releases dopamine which is a feel good hormone, it changes our mood almost instantly. Scientists have proven that music causes the same level of happiness we may get from eating chocolate or having sex.

Heartbeat & Blood Pressure

Music keeps our heart healthy and keep the blood pressure under control. People who are suffering from heart disease have found benefits by listening to music. Music also has impact on your vascular health. We feel less anxious when we hear good music.


Above are some benefits of music, there are many more like improving the quality of our sleep, boosting our immune system.