Events That Changed Modern Music



The history of music is full of different events that changed the course of the music. Those events are written in the history as they had great impact on the history of music. Everything changes with time, music is not different. We have seen many phases of modern music over the course of time. The changes may be instant and some may result in a long course of time. Some are tragic and some are full of joy. Some of the events that changed the modern music are given below:

November 1918 was an important event in the history of music. During that time the record expires patent was introduced. That caused a great supply of records which we find even today. This moment may not be appreciated by many but it certainly was a milestone. The business of music got a new name during that time. Many may argue that this event caused permanent damage to the history of music.

Another important of music history was the October 1929. United States stock market got stuck that day and many were left hopeless. Many people were left with no money at all. They were having difficulty to even buy food for their family. People without money are not likely to buy music copies to hear good music. So many musician got depressed during that time and some left music carrier forever. Production of many albums came at a halt as no money was being invested during that time. It is believed that many talented and great voices got destroyed during that moment and a gap was created which lasted until the end of Second World War.

The 5th of July, 1954 was considered to be another important event of music history. That day the great Elvis created his first record. Many consider him to be the inventor of modern music. Some other may argue but his impact on music history just cannot be ignored. Many call him the first and only true star of music industry. The trend started by Elvis soon became a phenomenon worldwide. The course of modern music was somehow determined Elvis. He will be remembered as one of the superstar of music industry.

The arrival of Beattles in America was another big event of music industry. They came and conquered people’s mind with their music. Beattles conquest of America didn’t take much time as people soon came to know about their music. Beattles sold a record numbers of albums in America and soon they became a worldwide phenomenon. The records created by Beattles are still loved by people all over the world. They certainly played an important role in the history of music.


The Murder of John Lennon was a tragic event of Music industry. John Lennon was famous worldwide and his death shocked the whole world. He performed many antiwar activities during his time and made a lot of enemies.

Above are some events that changed the course of modern music.