We listen to many different types of music now a days, but have we ever wondered how this beautiful thing called Music was originated? It is said that the earliest music was mostly based on beats created by drums like instrument. Our ancestors used rocks and sticks to create beats which was later formed into music. The earlier music was mostly created due to religious reasons. Many different types were created for many different religious occasions. There was no hand written copy of music that time, only spontaneous creation was used.

With the advance of time, we invented new things which can also be used for creating music. The evolution of music during earlier stage of mankind was very slow compared to modern times. The Egyptians were first to create a fully functional music instrument which was a kind of flute. The inventors of Denmark later created the trumpet, which was no way similar to modern day trumpet. The manipulation of lips were used mostly to play that trumpet. This was a new invention in the history of music and many different types of musical instrument were invented later on. Those instruments were mostly used in religious occasions.

The most popular invention in terms of modern musical instrument was invented by the Hittites. The instrument we call guitar. This was a great event for the history and evolution of music. The invention of strings which can create different tune with different vibration was considered huge during that time. The invention of guitar later led to inventions of instruments like violin. The first recorded form of music was found in 800 BC. It was a composition which was written in some kind of religious alphabet. The mixing of music with vocal was something considered a great step towards the evolution of music.

The evolution of music was mostly based of Greece and Rome. As during that time Rome was the cultural point of the whole world and Greece was the father of all arts which are considered classic still now. So it is safe to say that the invention of classical music was formed and developed in Greece. The art of music was considered as a science during that time and mathematician spent a huge time behind the creation of music. The science was used for the creation of music for the first time in Greece. That played an important role in the evolution of Music.

Most of the middle aged music was ruled out by the Church due to religious beliefs. The Catholics were strongly connected to different forms of music that time. The first music school was built by the CE Pope to study music. China also played an important role for the advancement of music. The group music was basically invented in China.

The history of music is something that has given us the modern form of music. The greatest music minds throughout the course of history have contributed greatly. The changes in the history of music was drastic and still is.